Hands On
As I grip the ball I feel a shiver,
As my oppenent is near,
I stare at the ball with lots of of fear,
As the crowd is all I can hear

As I walk through the rose maze,
I can smell the rose haze,
I feel the soft wind blow across my face,
As the petals are as thin as lace

Give me a Beat
I hear the song’s bounding beat,
Making me move my feet,
Step by Step I feel the heat,
More and more I want to defeat

Reflection Week 3 – Home Work

Hi Everyone,
I can’t believe it’s almost the end of term! This week in maths we have been learning multiplication and how to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit and I found it pretty easy only because I knew how to do it but I definitely learnt new strategies to help me solve the sums. Mr Hynes also grab a few people out who are being extended and I was one of them along with Emma Q and together we are doing a show me on how to multiply fractions. Literacy on Monday the teachers told us we were doing advertisements in groups of 3-4 and we would be presenting them on Friday, so we had the whole week to practice. I went with Bella, Milly and Tamika and we chose to do Frutia shampoo and I thought we all worked well together and did a great job presenting. Our group probably couldn’t of done a better job. On Thursday the Girls A Netball team had the next stage and we played at Life Be In It and we went really well. We won all of our games! Callum and Clay also played in our team which was awesome because they were tall and great defenders. We showed positive attitude and great sportsmanship! We won a trophy and got to take the netball back to school and signed our names on it and it now sits in the 5/6 area! Next week is our last week of school and I’m super forward to the holidays!

Stay tuned for next’s week reflection!

Reflection Week 2 – Home Work

Hey Everyone,
This week has been quite fun and I’ve enjoyed all my subjects. In maths we’ve been learning division and how to change remainders into decimals which is pretty easy once you know how to do it. I have learnt easier ways to turn remainders into decimals and our special little fruity zero who helps us change it. I could have challenged myself a little more by choosing harder sums. In literacy I have been in Miss Murnane and Mr Dando’s literacy group which I learnt heaps in. With Miss Murnane we learnt how to write start and stop poetry, which was soo much fun and we published them on our blog so check them out! In Mr Dando’s group we learnt Reciprocal Teaching which is where you read about space then there is 5 tasks you have to do about what you just read. They are Predict, Clarify, Visualise, Question and Summarise. I quiet like it and I think it will help me a lot when I have to use it in life. We have picked a sponsor and saint name for Confirmation and had to research about our saint. I chose the name St Rose. I have picked out my Confirmation dress for next weekend and it’s beautiful. That was my week.
Kind Regards Ella 🙂

Reflection Week 1 – Home Work

Hey Everyone,
My week started off relaxed as we had Monday off due to the Long Weekend and St Therese also got Tuesday as a curriculum day so I was excited that I got to sleep in and just relax. Wednesday had already came by and we were back at school! In maths we have been working on our Subtraction and I think I did a pretty good job. I learnt new and easier strategies to help me work out sums and can now mentally subtract. I think I could of just shared my answers a little bit more and not be scared to say an answer in case I’m wrong. In Literacy we have started our groups again and first I was with Mrs Todd and she taught us all how to do story graphs. It’s the same as planning a story but quicker. I could have put a bit more detail into it though. We have been learning lots about confirmation as we will be receiving the sacrament in two weeks! At home I’ve had Netball, Dancing, Training and Gymnastics!

Thanks Ella 🙂

Maths Home Work

Hi Everyone,
For our Maths home work over the past 4 weeks we had to do a footprint challenge which is where you take a quiz to see if everyone lived like me how many worlds we would need. If everyone lived just like me we would need 2.2 worlds. I would like to change that to between 1-2 worlds and to do that I think we would need to recycle a bit more and travel to school using other objects instead of getting dropped off in a car every single day. You should take the challenge and let me know how you go!
Thanks Ella

6 Word Stories

Friendship can never let you go

Never say never just think bright

Dreams fill the world with happiness

Love, care, trust friends are are us

Devils for Halloween, best friends forever

Icy cold, freezing weather, never better

Happiness is the door to life

Always have a big happy smile






You only live once, not twice

Waves crashing, seagulls screeching, sun shining

Summer is everything and lots more